Our Process: Urethane Concrete

Fast and easy install. Get a new floor over the weekend.

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Go ahead. Compare the options. You’ll find that urethane concrete flooring is super durable (30 year lifespan) and economical. It is the most durable flooring option for industrial spaces that need to withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals and heavy machinery. For large spaces that take a beating, urethane concrete is the floor for you.

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We know that downtime is costly. That’s why we are committed to the easiest and fastest install. Get a new floor over the weekend.


Friday morning We get right to work to:

  • Move your equipment
  • Remove non-concrete material
  • Grind existing floor smooth
Saturday morning We install urethane concrete
floors right over concrete.
Your floors cure in 8 hours.
Sunday morningWe add a polyurethane top coat for a waterproof seal.
Your floors dry in 2 hours.
Sunday afternoonWe reinstall equipment.
MondayYou’re back open.

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Get on the fast track to a new industrial floor. Our install is one of the fastest in the business… because who can afford much downtime. Get a quote today.

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