Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

JetRock Epoxy’s Step-By-Step Commercial Flooring Installation

1. Scheduling Your Installation

You’ve successfully scheduled your installation time with us. Since JetRock Epoxy quickly dries and cures we offer flexible timeframes so you can reduce the impact on your commercial operations. We can easily accommodate overnight installations and we specialize in commercial kitchen spaces so you can be open the next day to serve your customers.

JetRock Epoxy Installation

JetRock epoxy flooring was installed overnight in a commercial kitchen space

2. Preparing Your Space

Before anything else, our flooring technician will work directly with you and your team to make sure your commercial area is ready. This often times involves disconnecting and relocating heavy equipment and clearing out smaller items like commercial cooking ingredient containers and tools. We ensure an uninterrupted and clean installation process.

Our Preparation Approach

We work with you to take the hassle out of your commercial flooring installation:  

  • Moving heavy or small equipment

  • Plan staging area or storage for items removed from space

  • Multiple installation spaces in one location will be scheduled based on your operation priority

3. Flooring Surface Preparation

A solid sub-flooring foundation is crucial, especially when you need a water-tight floor. Our installation team meticulously prepare the subfloor by:

  • Cleaning the floor to remove any unwanted grease, dirt, or food scraps.
  • Grind the existing floor whether it’s quarry tile or another coating to ensure that the new epoxy coating will bond to the sub-floor below. 
  • Fill in any spots where the sub-floor may have been damaged or is not sound. This will ensure the best opportunity for a durable long-term flooring system to be installed over a solid subfloor.

4. JetRock Epoxy Application

After ensuring the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, it’s primed for JetRock application. For efficiency, our installation teams typically include both a trowel operator and a mix assistant.

  • JetRock is applied in one go at a 3/16” thickness. The consistency is similar to a dense pancake batter, which is hand-troweled onto the floor. 
  • Throughout this application process, it’s essential to maintain consistent thickness. Our skilled trowel operators gauge this by feeling the “gauge stone” (a stone of 3/16” size) roll under their trowel during application.

Each batch of epoxy floor is made of up several components and is mixed together in a bucket mixer.

  • The mixer introduces air, enabling easy troweling of the material.
  • A single mix, or batch, covers approximately 25 sq. ft.

5. Drying and Curing

One of the standout features of the JetRock flooring system is its quick cure time in a single day.  After installing the single-layer epoxy, it is ready for foot traffic in just 6 hours.

In contrast, many other flooring systems can take days to fully install due to extended cure times between multiple layers. Traditional systems often involve several layers—like broadcasts, grout coats, and topcoats. Each of these layers requires 8 to 10 hours of curing before the next can be applied. When you compare flooring systems, the main drawback of other coatings lies in the time needed between coats or layers which lead to multiple days before it’s ready for foot traffic or use.

6. Post-Installation Review

We want to make sure you get the most out of your new commercial floor and can maintain it yourself. After the coating is cured and the equipment is reinstalled, we’ll walk you through the best practices for maintenance and cleaning. We will also ship you a free improved cleaning solution and tools to make the cleaning process easier for your staff. Following the cleaning techniques ensures your floor remains durable and retains its fresh, pristine appearance for years.

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