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What Are the Commercial Needs for Hotel & Casino Floors?

Hotels and casinos have similar floor finishing needs that are driven by customers’ higher expectations of a luxury experience and the need for durability in higher traffic areas. The hospitality industry has very specific commercial flooring needs that require a balance between being comfortable and inviting while also ensuring they are safe and clean for the high level of constant foot traffic.

  • JetRock epoxy flooring has been applied to a hotel kitchen floor
  • Another example of JetRock flooring on a hotel kitchen floor
  • An up-close photo of the red epoxy floor of a hotel kitchen
  • Seamless epoxy flooring in the corner of a room
  • Red JetRock epoxy flooring applied to the floor of a maintenance room

What Are the Premier Choices for Hotel and Casino Flooring?

The Front-of-House (FOH) areas that are public-facing like the hotel lobby or casino floor will require types of flooring that make a statement for guests. The commercial flooring option also needs to have a durable floor finish to withstand constant traffic. JetRock epoxy and Urethane concrete flooring are excellent cost-effective choices for hotel and casino floors.

Back-of-House (BOH) areas trafficked by the staff require durability and safety due to harsh conditions such as extreme thermo liquid wash downs and mechanical traffic. A high-quality choice of flooring material for both hotels and casinos would be either urethane concrete or JetRock flooring options. As you consider your flooring specifications, one or both of these commercial flooring options can best suit your needs. Compare the commercial flooring options for yourself.

Urethane Concrete and JetRock Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Durability Extends Flooring Lifespan. Urethane concrete is a cost-effective flooring system that lasts up to 30 years and is one of the most durable flooring solutions, especially for hospitality settings in hotels and casinos. It’s highly customizable in hundreds of colors for FOH operations such as hotel lobby floors and casino showroom floors, and BOH storage and mechanical areas. Three times stronger than concrete, the JetRock epoxy blend has a 10-15 year lifespan and withstands extreme temperatures, chemicals, and cleaning in your kitchen and other BOH areas. JetRock can also be installed in a one step application allowing the installation to be done overnight in contrast Urethane Concrete usually shuts an area down for a number of days.

Watertight flooring system. Urethane concrete has a sealed, waterproof floor and JetRock has a watertight floor covering with no seams. The integrated base for both JetRock and Urethane concrete prevents leaking into adjacent rooms avoiding unnecessary and costly shutdowns.

Hygienic and mold-free. Both JetRock and urethane concrete include antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to prevent bacteria and mold that cause unpleasant odors, making them a top choice for meeting health inspection guidelines. There are also less hiding spots without seams in the floor for bacteria and mold to grow.

Safe and environmentally friendly. We do not use solvents so no VOCs are released in your hotel or casino flooring application. Urethane concrete and JetRock flooring’s properties are textured and slip-resistant for the utmost safety for your guests in the FOH and your staff in the BOH areas.

Stress-free and Low maintenance. Once installed your flooring will require little to no maintenance over its lifetime in your hotel or casino. Compare that to quarry tile where re grouting and tile replacement are typically maintained yearly.

Quick Installation. Urethane concrete is installed over a weekend. JetRock offers fast delivery and overnight installation. Both flooring options greatly minimize your operational shutdowns. Check out our easy installation process.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“JetRock is the most innovative, cost effective and time saving floor on the market that has the durability to last for years.”

David Washington, Horseshoe Casino, Baltimore, MD

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