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What Are the Types of Industrial Flooring?

There are many different types of industrial flooring options available like polished concrete, basic broadcast epoxy floor coating, methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring, urethane concrete, and epoxy resin blends. They can range in price and quality. Oftentimes the key considerations to selecting your best flooring system are related to durability, safety, and cleanliness. Compare the options for yourself.

What Is the Best Choice for Your Industrial Flooring?

The top choices for industrial settings with specific requirements are urethane concrete and JetRock epoxy-quartz blend because they are the most durable, hygienic, and safe floor finishes that come in a variety of colors. Urethane concrete is a heavy-duty industrial flooring that can withstand heavy mechanical traffic and harsh operational conditions, such as extreme thermal liquid wash downs needed for brewery floors or pharmaceutical production.

  • JetRock industrial epoxy flooring being applied over ceramic tile floor
  • commercial flooring in restaurant kitchen
  • urethane concrete installed in a industrial manufacturing facility

Many industrial environments like a brewery, restaurant, or food processing plant have strict health code considerations that require a floor that is sanitary and easily cleaned such as JetRock epoxy. Other industrial applications like mechanical rooms, car dealerships, service areas, or air handler units, require durability so urethane concrete is often specified. Read our guide to urethane concrete to learn more. Both commercial flooring options are environmentally friendly and are low maintenance over the extended period of their lifetime.

Urethane Concrete and JetRock Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Superior Durability. Urethane concrete is a cost-effective flooring system that lasts up to 30 years and is one of the most durable industrial flooring solutions especially for large facilities that take a beating. It can endure mechanical shocks from heavy machinery, extreme temperatures, including thermal cycling and continual industrial cleaning. Three times stronger than concrete, the JetRock epoxy blend has a 10-15 year lifespan and withstands extreme temperatures, chemicals, and cleaning.

Watertight Flooring System. Urethane concrete has a sealed, waterproof floor that is ideal over concrete and moisture-resistant to prevent bacterial and fungal growth (often making health inspectors happy). JetRock flooring has an integrated base that is completely watertight and holds water for over 24 hours. Both urethane concrete and JetRock epoxy prevent leaking into other areas to avoid costly shutdowns.

Maintenance Free. Urethane concrete and JetRock epoxy require little to no maintenance. Both are stress-free commercial flooring options for your industrial concrete flooring.

Bacteria and Mold Free. Urethane concrete and JetRock stave off bacteria and mold. Their nonporous surfaces have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which make them a top choice for meeting health inspector guidelines. Urethane concrete has a sealed, waterproof floor and JetRock has a watertight floor covering with no seams.

Safety and Sustainability. We do not use solvents so no VOCs are released in your industrial office flooring application. Urethane concrete and JetRock flooring’s properties are textured and slip-resistant for the utmost safety within all your industrial flooring areas.

Quick Installation. Urethane concrete is installed over a weekend. JetRock is a fast delivery and overnight installation. Both flooring options greatly minimize your operational shutdowns. Check out our easy installation process.

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