Assisted Living

  • An assisted living community's pool has JetRock flooring applied to its walkways.
  • An assisted living community's pool has JetRock epoxy flooring applied to its bathroom and shower floors.
  • An assisted living community's pool steps has JetRock applied to it.

Assisted Living Flooring Applications from JetRock

Get rid of slippery, unhealthy cracked tile floors with a seamless, waterproof JetRock floor that can be installed overnight so you experience little to no downtime. Virtually maintenance free and extremely durable, a JetRock floor easily withstands the harsh environments and constant use common in assisted living, nursing homes, retirement homes, and senior living.

Assisted Living Applications

Cooler Boxes
Laundry Facilities
Indoor Pool Decks
Shower Rooms
Service Areas
Mechanical Rooms

The Safe Choice for Assisted Living Floors