We invented JetRock(R) and have installed 3M+ sf of flooring.

JetRock is more durable for a number of reasons. First, our proprietary epoxy JetRock flooring was developed to cure fast and extremely hard. Second, where we use a gallon of epoxy for every 25 square feet; comparatively, other broadcast epoxy floors only use a gallon of epoxy for every 100 square feet. Third, our aggregate is compiled mainly of quartz. It is uniquely blended to provide a consistent 3/16-inch thickness throughout the floor – further increasing its durability.

JetRock is designed for wet, greasy and slippery conditions, which are commonplace in commercial kitchens and heavily trafficked spaces. JetRock’s aggregate adds a non-slip texture to the floor adding another layer of safety; not to mention, eliminating the risks of people slipping on a cracked or loose tile.

JetRock is a nonporous floor, which means it does not absorb or harbor bacteria, mold, mildew or dirt. All of these contaminants remain on the floor surface and are washed down the drain during the next cleaning.

JetRock is an epoxy floor designed for commercial kitchens and more where you need durable, hygienic and slip resistant floors. Tile may still be used in the front of your restaurant where a less durable floor is needed. JetRock is designed to take abuse common in kitchens from a pallet jack, spilled grease all over, and have a power washer on it to clean it all up. Tile will not last long with the abuse JetRock is designed to withstand.

JetRock was specifically developed to have a fast installation with a cure time of six hours. And it can be installed right over existing floors so there is no need to demo your old floor – saving considerable downtime and avoiding potential issues that can arise during demo. We install JetRock in restaurants overnight and have them back up and running by lunch.

JetRock is in five continents, including the United States, Asia, England, Korea, and soon China. JetRock has certified installers across the United States. Feature Flooring is a platinum installer and the only installer in the Mid-Atlantic.

Your equipment should be removed prior to installation. It allows us to test the slope of the floor and ensure that JetRock is installed properly under each leg of the equipment. Also, it makes it easier for us to install our base material on the walls behind equipment. Do you have equipment to remove? Our trusted partner takes down and sets back up all of your equipment for you so it is a completely turnkey process. We make it easy and hassle free.

When you’re building or upgrading a kitchen, bathroom or bar area. When you’ve been cited by the health inspector. When you’ve got a leak. When you’re sick of maintaining your tile floors. And the list goes on and on.

Yes. We have hundreds of happy clients, including brand names you know in multiple industries, including restaurants and bars, hotels and casinos, hospitals, assisted living, schools and more.

JetRock is cost effective and completely maintenance free. The savings of periodic maintenance, re-grouting, health department violations, and potential workers compensation issues really adds up. The initial cost of JetRock may be more, but the long-term effects of having a JetRock floor will save you money in the end. Go ahead. Compare the options.

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