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There are a lot of commercial kitchen flooring options on the market, so we understand the choices can be overwhelming. When you select JetRock epoxy flooring, you’ll be making the best decision you can make for your commercial kitchen floor. Restaurant kitchen flooring isn’t always the most glamorous aspect of operating a restaurant, but it is an important decision. The investment you make in your commercial floor will impact the safety and cleanliness of your commercial kitchen for years to come.

  • JetRock epoxy flooring applied to a commercial kitchen floor
  • JetRock flooring freshly applied to a restaurant kitchen floor
  • A restaurant kitchen's floor, which has JetRock epoxy flooring applied to it

With a watertight JetRock epoxy flooring system, you’ll be able to overcome these common challenges in commercial flooring:

  • More durable and long-lasting. JetRock epoxy flooring is made of quartz chips bonded together in a special epoxy resin formula that can withstand even the toughest of commercial kitchen flooring conditions, enduring extreme temperatures, commercial cleaning products, and frequent spills. JetRock outlasts other commercial flooring options with a 10-15 year lifespan. Compare the options for yourself.
  • Highly hygienic and mold free. Made of a specially crafted formula, JetRock epoxy floor is made with a monolithic waterproof floor covering with no seams – avoiding the typical bacteria and mold that can seep into seams, cracks, or porous grout. Our surfaces are nonporous, with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, ensuring your commercial kitchen can stand up to the common challenges that restaurants are prone to like messy spills of greasy foods, cooking oil, and soda, beer or liquor. It also helps alleviate odors (so you don’t have a “bar small”) along with pest and insect problems that come with low grout lines.
  • Safer and environmentally friendly. Accidents can happen in a commercial kitchen. Our flooring is safer: textured and specially made to be slip resistant. Our floors are environmentally friendly – we use no solvents so no VOCs are released. We ensure your kitchen is a safe space for your team.
  • Watertight flooring system. Avoid any potential shutdowns due to leaking into adjacent rooms with our high quality, watertight flooring system with an integrated base.
  • Zero downtime. With our epoxy flooring solution, our flooring experts deliver and install your new commercial floor overnight, so that you can be open for lunch the very next day. Other flooring options may require shutting down for days or weeks. Learn about our process for the easiest (and fastest) install ever.
  • Low maintenance so you can focus on what’s important… your business. With JetRock epoxy flooring, you’ll have a long-lasting commercial flooring that requires little to no maintenance. With its watertight seal and nonporous surface, JetRock epoxy flooring is easy to clean, stands up to the toughest commercial requirements, and is virtually maintenance-free. After all, you have bigger things to worry about. Choose the worry-free commercial flooring for your restaurant or bar.

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