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What are flooring needs for K-12 schools and higher education campus settings?

As a facilities manager, you have many needs to meet when selecting the best flooring solution for the variety of spaces in your school or university. There are unique areas that go beyond the classroom and hallways that require long-lasting flooring since it is critical to ensure safety, cleanliness, and durability year after year. As you consider which areas need repair or new installation, it’s important to understand the unique needs of key areas you maintain:

  • Facilities support (loading docks, trash rooms, service hallways, and mechanical rooms) – these spaces are the most overlooked areas however, they are the most important to maintain for the safety and continuity of critical operations that support the daily activities of education.
  • Foodservice areas (kitchens, dish rooms, walk-in cooler boxes, culinary labs) – this area needs to support the operations of serving multiple meals a day at universities. In addition to withstanding high traffic and use, the floor should be easy to clean and require little maintenance so you can ensure you pass important health department inspections.
  • Special water use areas (indoor pool decks, locker rooms, gym or dorm showers, bathrooms, science labs) – offering slip-resistant, waterproof, comfortable, and clean flooring around the indoor pools or throughout the locker rooms best supports students and residents. Additionally, having waterproof flooring helps to avoid damage to your housing especially when you have multilevel buildings where showers and bathrooms are on every floor.
  • JetRock flooring applied to a school bathroom floor
  • JetRock epoxy flooring applied to a university locker room floor
  • JetRock epoxy flooring applied to a school kitchen floor

What is the best commercial flooring for K-12 schools and universities?

As you look to upgrade or install a new floor, there are infinite considerations. Depending on your specific requirements and level of foot traffic, the best commercial flooring is urethane concrete and a JetRock epoxy-quartz blend. In your facilities and foodservice areas, the durable flooring stands up to heavy traffic, daily chemical washdowns, and the no-slip surface ensures worker safety. When you apply JetRock in the spacial water use areas it will ensure the highest safety and offers an anti-microbial surface to avoid mold and bacteria growth. Compare the typical commercial flooring options commonly used in your school and university areas.

Top benefits of urethane concrete and JetRock flooring system

Fast Installation. When you need it done fast, we can offer JetRock installation overnight in your key spaces that need to be operational the next day. Your staff will stay on schedule and your students won’t experience any closures to facilities. Our team will work with you to plan out the ideal approach if you have multiple areas for installation. Check out our easy installation process.

Maintenance Free. The most durable flooring for high traffic areas is maintenance-free and will last up to 15 years for JetRock and 30 years for urethane concrete, drastically reducing maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Completely watertight. JetRock flooring has an integrated base that is completely watertight and holds water for over 24 hours. Urethane is a waterproof seal over concrete and is a moisture-resistant barrier to bacteria and fungal growth.

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