A Guide to Urethane Concrete: Everything You Need to Know

Urethane concrete provides a durable flooring that protects from heavy machinery and extreme temperatures – suitable for food manufacturers, production plants, R&D labs, warehouses, and almost any type of industrial floors. It holds up to heavy foot traffic from delis to stadiums and the rugged needs of loading docks and other back of house areas for hospitals, hotels, and other commercial facilities. Urethane concrete is one of the most durable flooring options, due to its long lifespan, when you have a concrete subfloor.

A Guide to Urethane Concrete: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about urethane concrete’s properties and various uses to determine when it makes sense for your flooring needs.

What is urethane concrete?

Urethane concrete is an advanced technology of industrial concrete floor coating that is made of a polymer urethane resin technology that binds engineered cement powder aggregate to create a high-performance, durable flooring that has exceptional resistance to exposure to abrasive machinery, harsh chemicals, thermal-shock processes, and more. This unique bio-based flooring system has no odor and utilizes domestically produced soy bean polyols and environmentally-friendly packaging. Installation is a fast turnaround and the urethane concrete finishes last for decades.

What is polyurethane concrete?

Polyurethane concrete or polyurethane flooring is the same material as urethane concrete – the terms are used interchangeably by different manufacturers. “Poly” may indicate multiple layers of top coat. Extra layers of top coat can provide a high-end look but are often more expensive. Polyurethane concrete is extremely resistant to mechanical and physical shocks, chemicals and frequent cleaning, and high temperature fluctuations. A durable flooring, it is well-suited for breweries, loading docks, production plants, warehouses, and most industrial applications.

Most Economical Flooring for Large Areas
Urethane concrete is one of the most affordable flooring for large spaces – 3,000 square foot areas and up. It produces a nice uniform finish that is easy to clean and comes in hundreds of colors. With its long lifespan, urethane concrete allows you to skip replacing your floors every few years – saving time and money. Often, it is the most economical option when you have a concrete subfloor – averaging $3-6 per square foot and no yearly maintenance – less expensive than most epoxy, vinyl, and tile flooring.

Long-term Durability
Urethane concrete is known for its durability with its floor coating being very flexible and elastic – allowing it to last up to 30 years. It is extremely hygienic, the antimicrobial flooring protects against bacterial and fungal growth throughout its life cycle despite repeated washings, santizations and decontaminations.

Thermal Shock Resistant
Urethane concrete is ideal for use on floors that are subject to thermal cycling from hot and cold water wash downs – making it a good option for breweries, food and beverage manufacturers, and pharmaceutical production. It withstands extreme temperatures and stands up to constant cleaning.

Impact and Chemical Resistant
Urethane flooring properties allow it to be very durable to impacts from heavy machinery and harsh chemicals – making it well-suited for the rugged requirements of airplane hangers, firehouses, machine shops, production and manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Slip Resistant
Industrial and manufacturing areas have potential for accidents due to spills, cracks, crowded areas, and high traffic. Urethane flooring has a very smooth surface that is slip resistant so you never have to worry about the safety of your workforce.

High Aesthetic Appeal
Urethane concrete flooring is great for hotels, stadiums, and assisted living facilities where high traffic areas need to be visually pleasing to customers. Durability meets customization with an almost limitless choice of colors. Urethane concrete comes in hundreds of colors and pigments can be added to create custom blends to match your environment’s decor or company branding. We recommend a UV-protected top coat to protect against fading or discoloration for any outdoor spaces or indoor areas with a prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Fast Turnaround
Urethane concrete can be installed quickly over a weekend for the least amount of business disruption. Our installation starts Friday where we move equipment as well as prepare your floors by removing any non-concrete material and grinding your floors smooth. On Saturday, we apply the urethane concrete primer (⅛” or 16 mil), which is poured to cure – about 8 hrs. Finally on Sunday, we create your polyurethane floor finish where we apply a polyurethane top coat – dries in 2 hrs. You’re back open for business by Monday morning.

Environmentally Safe
Urethane concrete flooring is environmentally-friendly and clean with no VOCs, so air quality is not compromised. It is safe enough to be used in residential settings. The flooring is also antimicrobial to protect against bacterial and fungal growth. You’ll never have to worry about toxic fumes after installation – ensuring the utmost safety for your customers and staff when operations resume.

Why should I get urethane concrete flooring?

Urethane concrete flooring is one of the most affordable flooring products – a strong ROI with a lifespan up to 30 years – and a top flooring choice for 3,000+ square foot areas for commercial and industrial facilities. It is durable, odorless, hygienic and resistant to thermal, chemical, and impact shock – maintaining a safe environment for your workforce. Installation is quick in three days, and can be done over a weekend with practically no downtime for your business. And urethane concrete finishes are customizable in endless amounts of colors.

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